Zhejiang YouYi Electronic Company

Datetime: 2016-12-27    Visit: 1701

Zhejiang YouYi Electronic Company, which is located in Yueqing Economic Development Area of Wenzhou city, close to East Sea, Ou River, and Yandang Mountain, takes up 16500 square meters for its head company, and 2000 square meters for its branch factory. In Shanghai and Hangzhou, it also sets up its offices, and its franchiser for marketing is in Shenzhen. Having 280 numbers of employees, and granted as a member of China Musical Instrument Association (CMIA), the company today majors in: “Greaten” electronic piano, keyboards of electronic piano, piano cover cushioning, and other piano fittings.

Since 1998, the company began its development in designing and producing electronic piano products, yielding desirable fruits and gaining precious experience. Additional to state-to-the-art producing and testing facility, the company has also cultivated a group of enterprising managing team, professional designing engineers, and skilled technicians. Offices in Shanghai and Hangzhou are responsible for designing electronic circuit, main board, and IC microchip process. The Granted ISO90012000certificates, furthermore, guarantee the reliable quality of its products.

Original Products:

1. 88-key hammer keyboard (environmental friendly lead excluded), original from the company, and advanced in domestic (new patent number: ZL200620159735.X)

2.Cover cushioning for grand, vertical piano (paten number: ZL03265876.1)

3. High-torque cushioning for signal use (paten number: 2007201779282)

4.New plastic music sheet bracket for piano (paten number: 2008201072524)

5.String-striking parts, and original technique of ABS foam plastic applying in (patent number: 2007100006370)

In the year of 2016 the company has a total amount of production of 16000 complete electronic pianos, and 50000 keyboards, exporting to many countries such as U.S.A., UKGermany, Italy, Australia, Turkey, Hungary, Korea, Malaysia and Taiwan. 

With products in series, manufacture in streamline, and also modernized test procedure, and well-connected market, the company’s products have won good reputation in some international expos in Texas of America, and Frankfurt of Germany.

Developing in manufacture and management, the company is earnest in establishing reciprocal cooperative relationship with more and more domestic and international companies, to further explore the potential market, a prosperous future. 

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